At Euphoria, our team of qualified and experienced osteopaths believe in creating simple and effective solutions to those aches and pains, bringing you a well-missed clarity in that maze to better health.

What conditions can we help you with?

The Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) has recently published a list of the only conditions Osteopaths are allowed to advertise they can ‘treat’.

Please bare in mind that Osteopaths actually treat REAL PEOPLE and not merely medical conditions, but that is not in the list.

The ASA list give us an opportunity to talk about how fantastic the osteopathic approach is, and how it can help most people suffering with not only musculo-skeletal problems but a wide range of ailments.

Click here for the full list
  • “Alexis has adjusted my treatment appropriately and when I have experienced pain, after treatment my back has been realigned to the point where the pain has been relieved”
  • “Their knowledge of the human body is vast, and his holistic approach to helping the body heal really refreshing”
  • “Immediate relief to acute flared-up symptoms and a more general improvement in my posture and well-being”
  • Alexis takes a holistic whole body approach to treat which I would highly recommend to anyone
  • Alexis seems to have a unique understanding and approach to my problems
  • My initial consultation with Alexis was very thorough and very engaging, giving me a full explanation of his diagnosis and recommended treatment, which was fantastic.

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