• Marin Noyon - Junior Osteopath

    Bonjour, I’m Marin and I hope to convince you to come with us on a journey to a better health and pain free lifestyle.

    I graduated from the prestigious European School of Osteopathy with a Master Degree. I am registered with the General Osteopathic Council and insured with the Institute of Osteopathy
    Marin works in both the Tetbury Clinic and the Swindon Clinic.

  • Qualifications
  • About

    My journey into Osteopathy all started in my home country, France, where I was inspired by my aunt’s work as an osteopath. I was blown away by the philosophy and principles behind this powerful and holistic manual therapy.

    I’m passionate about the human body and its inner working which I find fascinating. At the core of my examination and treatment it the principle that your body is one unit and that every parts of it is interconnected.As a results, I look beyond the symptomatic areas and at the body as a whole in order to understand the source of my patient’s pain, dysfunctions.

    I specialise in a mixture of structural, visceral, cranial and functional osteopathic techniques. I’m an expert at tailoring my treatments to my patient’s needs, whether they are newborns or 90 years old.I enjoy taking the time to explain the mechanics of the body to my patients, to help them understand why they are experiencing their pain and how they can best help themselves to prevent their symptoms from worsening or reoccurring in the future.

    Often I provide tailored, in depth exercise plans using ‘RehabMyPatient’ software to aid with recovery and ultimately give back the control over your own health and fitness.On a personal level, I love sports, football being the top one. I’m a supporter of Paris-Saint-Germain. I have a little Jack Russel named Balou. I enjoy a nice meal with a glass of wine or a beer.I love watching series, and doing research regarding health.I am a big believer in self-development and I am always up for a nice chat.I look forward to meet you and wish you a healthy day!

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