Muscular Tension | Muscle Spasms

Far too many of us are suffering from too much muscular tension, and for those unlucky ones, this can affect posture as well as overall quality of life. Excessive tension can lead to increase pressure in the affected joint and over time can lead to wear and tear which leads to more muscular tension, and so on….. Osteopathy and Osteopaths work every single day towards reducing excessive muscular tension in their patients, by using gentle inhibition, functional unwinding, myofascial release techniques and much more. The fact that your Osteopath will treat you as an individual, and that he or she will take the time to know you a little better, will help you feel at ease, and surely more receptive to his or her treatment. Of course not only physical problems can lead to muscular tension, and osteopaths here are far too familiar with the word STRESS, which can bear many faces, and the mechanical aspect being far too often the smallest one. None the less, if your Osteopath can reduce a great deal of your muscular tension, well would you not say that this could help to cope with emotional stress. Visit Alexis your Local Osteopath, and beat that excessive Tension!